How To Earn Money To Create A Facebook Page In 2023? [Complete Guide]

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Earn Money To Create A Facebook Page
Earn Money To Create A Facebook Page


Do you have your own Facebook page? Is your Facebook page popular among fans? A lot of followers regularly come and like & comment on your Facebook page’s posts. By using the popularity of your Facebook page, you can earn a lot of money at the end of the month. In today’s article, I will tell you some hidden secrets that you may not have known before.

In fact, Facebook is a platform that is used by the majority of people in the world, but most of them do not know how to earn money from Facebook. Actually, the best way to earn money from Facebook is the Facebook page. Today, I will tell you in detail about the ways to earn money from Facebook pages. In today’s article, I will tell you how to make your own Facebook page and how to make your Facebook page popular, and how to monetize the page. So without any delay, read the entire post carefully and apply the tips on your Facebook page and earn a lot of money.

Step 1: Create A Facebook Page 

First, you need to open a Facebook page. Then give a nice name to the page and choose a proper category. After that, all the other details like a page’s display photo, banner image, and some information related to the page should be written there. Then you have to give the address, contact details, email, working availability, and other important information on that page one by one. In this way, you have to customize the page according to your choice and publish it.

Step 2: A Sent Invitation To Friends

Once your Facebook page is set up, you have to invite all your friends to your Facebook profile. So that they follow your Facebook page on your invitation. The more impressions you get on your page, the faster your page will grow. If you have multiple Facebook profiles, then you can send followers invitations with that profile as well. Besides, you can send follower invitations to your page from your close friend’s profiles. You can increase the reach impression of your page by sharing it through their profile.

Step 3: Share Your Page With Groups

Keep posting quality content regularly on your Facebook page. Spread your post in different ways like newsfeeds, and groups. Share every post on your Facebook page with your content-related group. You will find many groups related to your content on Facebook, get added to those groups, and share your posts there. You will see that both your post and page will grow and the likes & followers will increase very quickly.

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Step 4: Keep Posting On Your Page With Consistency

One of the best ways to popularize your Facebook page is to upload regular posts with consistency. Stay active regularly on your Facebook page and upload a minimum of 2 to 3 posts regularly. Initially, there will be the problem of likes and comments but after some time your page will gradually become popular. There are many people who create their pages and post for a few days. But due to not getting followers, they get frustrated and stop working on the page. Don’t do that. The page should be worked on regularly. Regular posts should be posted on the page and all those posts should be shared in different groups.

Step 5: Promote the Page & Posts

In the initial phase, you should promote the Facebook page and each post. Because initially your page is new, so Facebook doesn’t spread it easily. But gradually when your page gets old and regular posts are uploaded to the page then Facebook will automatically boost that page. Apart from this, you also need to spend some money to promote your page and each post. Thus, you have to popularize your page in different ways.

Earn Money To Create A Facebook Page
Earn Money To Create A Facebook Page

Monetize Your Facebook Page

You have created your Facebook page and popularized it very well. But let’s come to how to earn money from here. The best way to earn money from Facebook pages is through Facebook’s Monetization Policy. With this monetization policy, you can turn your content into paid content. Recently Facebook launched a partner program policy for their content creators just like YouTube. This partner program policy of Facebook is known as Facebook Monetization. This monetization policy allows a creator to earn a lot of money per month by placing ads on his content. But there are some conditions for this monetization. You need to fulfill the following criteria for Facebook page meaning.

  • Your Facebook page should have at least 10K followers
  • Total 600k minutes viewed requirements within 60 days for monetization approval
  • Your page must have at least five(5) videos

How Many Types Of Facebook Page Monetization?

There are a few ways you can monetize your Facebook page content. Now I am discussing point-wise about those points of monetization rules.

1. In-stream Ads For On Demand – When you watch a Facebook video, you must have seen different types of ads running in the middle or at the beginning of the Facebook video. Facebook gives the Ads revenue to the content creator to view the AdSense ads. Such ads are called In-Stream Ads On Demand. Basically, a creator earns the most from this type of monetization. When your page videos should have 6 lakh minutes of views, 5 thousand followers, and five videos in the last 60 days. Only then will you be eligible for these types of Ads.

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2. Subscriptions – You can also earn money by turning on the subscription option on your page. To start this subscription option on your page, you need a minimum of 10k followers or weekly 250 returning views on your page and need 50k Post engagements within 60 days or 180k minutes views in two months. It should be noted that if your content is good and if your page has a good reach, then you can fulfill any criteria.

3. Stars – Star Earning is one of the sources of income on Facebook. When the audience watches your video on Facebook, watch and like it. Then if a viewer is happy and gives you a star gift, then you can earn a good amount of money from there. You can convert these stars to dollars and credit them to your wallet. There are some criteria to activate this star option in your video. Your Facebook page should have at least 1000 followers in the last 60 days.

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4. Paid Online Events – One of the most popular ways of Facebook page monetization is Paid Online Events. You have seen various online events from different pages at different times, or you have participated in those events. You can earn good money by organizing such paid online events on your Facebook page. There is no rule to enable paid online events option on the Facebook page. You can enable this option on your page from the first day.

5. Branded Content – Another way of Facebook page income is branded content promotion. Basically, it is a new option added to Facebook’s monetization policy. You can promote your page on behalf of different brands and earn good money by monetizing those promotions. You can share any third-party product or brand among your page visitors or earn commission by sharing affiliate links.


I hope, from today’s post, you got to know about Facebook page income. Start working on any topic you like. You will see that you will be successful gradually. Do not work for success or money first, work for love. Be passionate about your work. You will see that you will be successful in the future.

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