Best 5 Hidden Ways To Earn Money From YouTube Channel

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Earn Money From YouTube
5 Hidden Ways To Earn Money From YouTube

Best 5 Hidden Ways To Earn Money From YouTube Channels 

Earn Money From YouTubeYouTube is a popular video-sharing platform nowadays. Where there are already available approx 51 million channels and 3 billion active users. Maybe you sometimes want to open your YouTube channel and create videos with your favorite content. Basically, we all want our own popularity, name, fame, money, fan base, etc. Nowadays, YouTube is the best medium where you can achieve your dream. Today, I will share with you the Best 5 Hidden ways to earn money from your own YouTube Channel.

Can Anyone Create Their Own YouTube Channel?

Yes, if you are above 18 years old, you can start your creator journey on YouTube. YouTube is a platform where everyone can explore their talent. But of course, your patience is the biggest mantra to be successful on YouTube. If you think that you will go viral on YouTube first, then you are wrong. You have to make videos and upload them with consistency. Gradually succeed here, and you can build a beautiful career on this platform.

How To Create Your Own Channel?

You must have a smartphone, tab, or computer and an internet connection for the YouTube channel. You must have your own Gmail and Phone number to create your own YouTube channel. After that, go to the YouTube website or app, sign up, give a catchy name of your choice, and add the channel logo, banner image, and a brief description. Then your channel will be created. Then you can customize your channel according to your choice. And for the growth of the channel, it is very important to go to the advanced settings and set up the channel. Besides, channel keywords, location, and channel category are very important to rank the channel on the YouTube platform.

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What Is Niche?

You have created a YouTube channel. Then choose a niche you like and make a video on it. Always try to create videos by researching keywords. Because if you make a video by keyword research, your video will be ranked in the YouTube search engine. As a result, your video will reach the viewers very easily. So, choosing a proper niche is very important to rank your YouTube channel.

How To Choose A Proper Niche? 

Niche means a topic, in which you are proficient and skilled. Suppose you want to make educational videos, then you have to choose an education niche. Suppose you want to work in the entertainment field, then you have to choose that related niche and work. Basically, Niche means a category, where your viewers can understand the content of your channel.

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How much money can you earn from YouTube? 

You can earn unlimited money from your YouTube channel. Basically, the main earnings come from Google AdSense ad revenue. You can promote other channels and several products in your video and description. Those companies pay you for their marketing on your channel. Another method is you can share your affiliate link in your video description. If anyone buys a product from your shared link, you can receive a referral commission. The last one is YouTube paid subscription. So, you can guess how much money you can earn through your YouTube channel. In the next point, I’ll briefly discuss every point one by one.

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Best 5 Hidden Ways To Earn Money From YouTube

Now I am explaining each point separately for your understanding so that you can easily learn about the best ways to earn from YouTube.

1. Google AdSense Earning: Google AdSense is the highest-paying ad revenue-sharing company in the world. This revenue is the main income source for every YouTuber. You must have seen, when you watch a video on YouTube, different types of ads play in the videos through Google AdSense, and a part of the ads revenue is given to the video creator for running ads like this. In this way, a video creator gets huge earnings at the end of the month only from Google AdSense.

You can earn income from this AdSense ad revenue only if you link your channel with an AdSense account. Basically, to be associated with AdSense, it is compulsory for you to fulfill some conditions (fulfill the Subscribers + Watch Time requirements criteria) of YouTube. So apply only after reading the complete guidelines of the YouTube partner program. Otherwise, your AdSense request will be rejected.

2. Brand Promotion Earning: Another biggest income source on YouTube is brand promotion earnings. You can easily increase your income by promoting different brands. There are many YouTube channels that are making a huge amount of income only by earning brand promotion. A creator earns more than lakhs of rupees from AdSense and brand promotion.

In the case of brand promotion, you only tell a short detail about those products for 10-15 seconds in your video and if you give the selling link in your video description or pinned a comment, it will be your brand promotion. In this way, if you do 10 promotions in a month and get 20 thousand from each brand, then you can understand how much money you can earn in a month.

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3. Promote Other Channels: Another good way to earn from a YouTube channel is to promote other YouTube channels. There are many new creators who want to promote their fresh YouTube channel. Targeting this type of new creator. Promote those channels in your videos. Tell something about those channels and tell the benefits to the audience; why the audience will watch that channel. Moreover, give the link to that channel in the description box of your video. You can take an average of 20k for this kind of channel promotion. In this way, if you do 5 promotions in a month, you will earn lakhs of rupees.

4. Affiliate Marketing: Another popular way of income from YouTube is affiliate marketing. Almost a large amount of YouTubers’ income comes from affiliate marketing. You may have seen that there are many product links in the description box of various YouTube videos. If you click on those links, you will be directly redirected to various e-commerce sites, and you will get the option to buy several products. Have you ever thought about it? Why do YouTubers give those affiliate links in their video description? They do these things to generate income from affiliate marketing.

Various e-commerce websites of Flipkart, and Amazon have their own affiliate program. You have joined the affiliate program of those sites and given various product links in your video description. Then, when any of your channel’s viewers visit those sites and buy any product from that link, you will get a commission or bonus on the MRP of those products. In this way, you also have to find an extra income source by sharing your channel’s videos by doing affiliate marketing.

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5. Paid Subscription: The last point of this article is YouTube paid subscription. You have seen or listened to subscribe options on YouTube. However, it may be that you have listened less or not listened to YouTube paid subscription. Yes, there is such a system on YouTube where you can offer YouTube paid subscriptions to your fans or audience. You can also increase your YouTube profit by turning on this paid subscription option.


Hopefully, these top 5 ideas will be useful for your YouTube channel. So, without any delay, open your own YouTube channel and start uploading videos. Then use the best 5 tips to make your YouTube career successful.

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