Best Methods To Earn Money From Online Content Writing In 2023?

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What is Content Writing? How Many Types Of Content Writing? How to Earn Money from Online Content Writing?
Earn Money from Online Content Writing


Best Methods To Earn Money From Online Content Writing In 2023 Do you love to write? Do you want to grow as a professional writer in the future? In older times, writers might get respect, but not money. In the current internet age, times and opportunities have changed very quickly. Now with the bliss of the internet, a writer can easily earn his living just doing the writing. Now, a writer can earn a lot of money by writing regularly. Now it is a profession where you can turn your writing passion into a career. Those who have found passion as a profession, know how satisfying it is.

Now it is needed to know how a writer earns money through his writing. Content writing is the biggest way of earning from writing nowadays. Nowadays, content writing is in high demand. The point is, it is very important to know what content writing is. or how to start it? How can a writer start freelance content writing online?


What is Content Writing?

Content writing is a detailed explanation of a topic. For example, a news portal contains various types of news like political, educational, sports, entertainment, etc. Reporters present their news or content with detailed information on such topics. Similarly, an online content writer also writes detailed content that provides information in their field and if the reader reads the content and gives good feedback, then the value of the content can be understood. I hope you have primary knowledge about content writing after reading this definition. Then read the entire article carefully to know more details.

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How Many Types Of Content Writing?

Now I will discuss how many types of content writing are available on the internet. There are no traditional types of content writing. But for the convenience of writers in this content writing industry and the ease of understanding of all readers, content writing is divided into several categories. For example – academic content writing for the education sector, news content writing for daily newspapers or magazines, entertainment content writing for the media industry, corporate content writing for official content, etc. There are many such topics on which content can be written. Thus, there are different subject-wise classifications of content writing. Similarly, you can write your content where you are skilled and sell it or post it on your blog.

What Are The Requirements For Content Writing?

One should first know the requirements for content writing. First, you must be enthusiastic about your writing and write from your ideas. If you copy or use someone else’s content in your name, it will be caught. Because all will be caught in plagiarism. Besides, it is very important to be proficient and grammatically correct in the language you are writing. Also, if you can write, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) friendly content can be very effective. Because an SEO-friendly article ranks very quickly in Google. When your written SEO-friendly article rank in Google, then of course your demand will increase in the content writing industry and the more visitors will increase to that content, the more AdSense ads revenue will be earned. Be it your site or someone else’s.

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How Much Money You Can Earn From Online Content Writing?

If you think that you only want to earn by writing content online, then that will be the most convenient medium for you. Here you can charge money per word you write. It should be noted that here rate per word is called PPW. PPW stands for Price Per Word. Suppose you write a business article of 2000 words for a corporate company, in which case you charge ₹.50/- per word. This means you get Rs 1000/- for writing 2000 words. If you write two articles like this regularly, then you can understand how much money you can earn at the end of the month. Recent research on online content writers by a famous online journal says that an online freelance content writer earns an average of 30k to 40k monthly.

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How to Earn Money from Online Content Writing? 

Now come to the main discussion, how to earn money by writing content online. You can do content writing in two ways, one is your blogging, and two is by freelancing. But remember that blogging is just like a business, but Freelancing is like a job. In freelancing, you have to write content for others and in blogging, you write content for yourself. One more thing to keep in mind is never to compromise the quality of your content to earn more money. Always try to write high-quality content. Your clients will be happy with it and if your readers are happy to read it, they will read other content of the website, and thus you will get a follower of your site.

If you want to create your website for bloggers and write content there, then you must first sign up as a blogger with your email or Gmail and create your site. There you have to write and post regular content on your favorite topics. If people like your content and if you keep posting regularly, then your site will grow. Here you can earn a lot of money by running Adsense ads. In addition to Google AdSense ads, you can generate extra income by sponsoring posts and advertisements of various companies. After all, it is best if you can write content on your site. Because you can earn from here not only a regular income, but you can earn a huge amount of passive income for life.

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Now if you think that you will only do online freelance content writing then in that case there are various freelancing sites online like freelancer, Upwork, Appen, Guru, etc. Open your account on these sites and bid on various content writing jobs. If your skills match, clients will contact you and offer you for doing their work. However, it is very important to be active regularly on these sites with lots of patience. It takes some time to get the first job. If you can establish yourself as a content writer on these sites, then you can get regular work and earn a lot of money by writing content. There are more foreign clients, so your chances of getting a job here are very high and the amount of money is also huge.

Apart from online content writing, you can also do offline content writing if you want. In that case, you have to go to different job portals and apply to the content writing job posts of different companies. If you are selected through an interview, you will become a salaried employee of that company. By going to the office and writing content, you can earn 15-20 thousand per month by working 8–10 hours daily.


Above all, if you want to build your career with a passion for writing, then start walking on the path of your dream career without delay. Always be honest with your writing and work. Keep yourself writing all the time. Always try to improve your writing skills. Read others’ content. Implement innovative ideas in your writing. You will see that your writing will be very mature and unique. Then you will get a different kind of satisfaction by reading your writing.

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