Top 10 Legitimate Online Survey Jobs for Students in 2023

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10 Legitimate Online Survey Jobs for Students
Top 10 Legitimate Online Survey Jobs for Students

Top 10 Legitimate Online Survey Jobs for Students

Are you looking for the best legit online way to earn money? You have come to the right site. Before the start of the main topic, you need to know how to earn money from top legitimate online survey jobs in 2023. Online is the best way to get rich fast. I always prefer and recommend to others that working online is the only way you can create multiple sources of income. If you create multiple sources of income, you can easily become a rich person in the future. Because you know the tricks and tips.
If you are a student, freelancer, or another employee, and if you want to generate a side income along with your current work, you can follow my methods. So, read the complete article carefully to gather your knowledge about the survey jobs. Knowledge is power, and learning first will undoubtedly lead to earning later. So let’s start with the topic.

What Are Online Survey Jobs?

Online Survey is a digital data collection method where different companies hold this project for different types of people. Legitimate Online Survey Jobs for Students Before this digital era, surveys had become offline mode. But nowadays, all work is done online. Because online is the best mode for fast work and saving the public’s time. Legitimate Online Survey Jobs for Student

How Important Is This Online Survey? We always need to earn money online. Online earning is now the best opportunity to create a huge passive income. I regularly work on this type of online survey project, where I generate a handsome amount of money using just 2 to 3 hours a day. Why did you join this project? I always want you to do this type of easy project. My motto is a self-dependent citizen in digital India.

How Much Do You Earn Doing Survey Work In A Month?

If you regularly work on these 10 legitimate online survey jobs sites or apps, you can easily earn $150 to $200 per month just by spending 2 or 3 hours every day.

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When Can You Get Your Payment?

Instantly, You can withdraw your reward/payment. You can get your money via Paytm (for Indians) or PayPal (for internationals).

Top 10 Legitimate Online Survey Jobs for Students

Here I will discuss the top 10 legitimate Online Survey job sites or apps where you can easily earn free Paytm or PayPal cash just by using your smartphone. In this section, I will discuss each point serially from my point of view.

YouGov – YouGov is the best legitimate online survey jobs app for earning free Paytm Cash. Personally, it’s my favorite survey app. In my opinion, you just download the app from the play store and sign up. Then it’s free to use and earn points for doing just 2 to 5-minute surveys. When your survey ends, an instant reward will be credited to your wallet.

Here is another feature, YouGov Pulse. If you use this YouGov Pulse, you’ll get another bonus point in your wallet. You can generate extra cash with this feature without doing any work. Just run it on your smartphone.

Withdraw Mode: When your points reach 5000, you can withdraw the points via Paytm wallet. You get, 3600/-rupees against the 5000 points. Your reward is instantly sent to your Paytm wallet.

Attapol – Here I discuss my 2nd favorite survey app; it’s Attapol. It’s a very easy-to-use, user-friendly app. They paid a handsome amount to you for just giving a few answers about yourself and your surroundings. They paid in dollars. So you guess the survey quality. This app will pay.50 cents to 1 dollar per survey. You can easily earn a massive amount in a day. If you spend just 3 to 4 hours every day, you will easily earn a very good amount of pocket money alongside your present work.

Withdraw Mode: Attapol is an international survey app. So, they paid users via PayPal. When your wallet reaches $3, you can request to withdraw your money. They send your money instantly to your PayPal account.

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Swagbucks – Swagbucks is a popular online survey and multitasking app where you can easily earn free SB points. Here you get a daily bonus. Just log in regularly. After completing your daily tasks, you will be asked to answer a few surveys about yourself and several topics. The SB points will be credited to your Swagbucks account. When you save the available points in your wallet, you can easily withdraw those points.

Withdraw Mode: Swagbucks gives you multiple withdrawal modes like Amazon Voucher, Flipkart Voucher, PayPal, and Payoneer. If you want to donate your money to a cancer warrior or a child education fund, then all options are available in this app.

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Rakuten Insight Survey – Rakuten Insight Survey is another scam-free legitimate online survey jobs site or app to earn unlimited cash for students. When you sign up for the app and complete your profile, you get 10 points as a reward. Then, when you do the welcome survey, another 4 points will be credited to your point wallet.
Here I tell you a secret about the Rakuten Insight Survey app. If you share your link and your friend installs it on their smartphone, you get a reward. When your friend completes their profile and does a survey regularly, you get the extra commission from their earnings along with your earnings. So, you can think about how much you can earn through this app just by doing surveys and referring bonuses.

Withdraw Mode: When your points reach 100, you can easily withdraw the money through your Paytm wallet voucher. You can get your points through Amazon or Flipkart vouchers. Rakuten Insight Survey will pay you biweekly. It means you can easily redeem your money twice a month. 1 point means 1 rupee. When you reach 100, it means you get 100 rupees.

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Zoombucks – Zoombucks is another high-paying survey app. First, you go to the Zoombucks website through my referral and then create your account. After completing your account, you will receive 500 points. Then you can do a few tasks, like watching the videos and answering the surveys, to receive the points. It is very simple to use an app. If you just spent 2 hours in a day, You can easily earn $3 to $5 per day. It means you can easily earn $100 to $150 per month just by working a few hours every day.

Withdraw Mode: Zoombucks offers you various modes of payment you can receive. You can receive your points via PayPal, Amazon, Flipkart, Karma Coin, Pantaloons, BookMyShow, MakeMyTrip, and many more options in India and globally.

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Google Opinion Rewards – Another useful earning app for students is Google Opinion Rewards. It’s owned by Google. You can create your account on this app and use it regularly by just doing the same process survey which was already mentioned above. When you completed the survey, the reward will be automatically credited to your Google Opinion Rewards wallet. It’s a completely legit app. So you can blindly trust this app.

Withdraw Mode: When you complete the survey, you can redeem your points through Google Play Recharge.

Facebook Viewpoint – Facebook Viewpoint is a new survey app by Facebook Meta. Meta is the company name of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. So, you can trust this Facebook Viewpoint app. You just need to create or link your Facebook profile with this Viewpoint application. When the survey comes, you just put in the answer and activate the Facebook Viewpoint app. Then earnings will be automatically credited to your wallet.

Withdraw Mode: When your earnings go to $3, you can redeem your money through a PayPal account.

Surveyeah – Surveyeah is a popular legitimate online survey jobs site where you can earn unlimited free cash just by doing a very easy survey. It’s a free and easy-to-use interface. You first create an account and then answer a few questions about yourself. Then the survey will come up related to your previous answer. When you complete your survey, points will be credited to your wallet.

Withdraw Mode: When you earn 106 points, you can receive your $10 via a PayPal account.

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ySense – Another excellent legitimate online survey app for Android users is ySense. When you successfully sign up, you get a $1 referral. Then you can easily use this app. You open the app, then you see the high-paying survey on the home page. If you complete the survey tasks, then the amount will be credited to the account.

Withdraw Mode: YSense offers you a minimum withdrawal of $10 via PayPal.

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Pollfish – Here is the final and last survey app, Pollfish. It is a very popular and genuine online survey app where you can get money by spending a few minutes or hours just doing short surveys. This app provides a very high-paying survey to users. If you are regularly active in this app, they pay you a very high amount to complete your daily survey tasks.

Withdraw Mode: Pollfish withdrawal mode is PayPal. You can easily deposit your hard-earned funds into PayPal.


I think this article will help you earn money from legitimate online survey jobs. All these 10 apps are completely legit and scam-free. I used those apps a long time ago. If you want to earn extra cash with your extra time, then I suggest you try these apps. You can stabilize your earnings for your daily needs and lifestyle. Last, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my entire article. I always try to give you genuine information about online earning sources. If you like my article, please share it with others.

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