What Is Keyword Research? 50 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO In 2024

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What Is Keyword Research ? 50 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO In 2023
Keyword Research For Bloggers

What Is Keyword Research? 50 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO In 2023



If you are a new blogger then today’s post is going to be very important for you. By reading this post today, you will know how you can do keyword research on your blog and earn a lot of money by bringing organic traffic. In fact, most of the new bloggers who have started their new blogging careers have no idea about keyword research. So they write and publish articles with any keyword. Due to not doing keyword research properly, those bloggers fail to bring organic traffic to their blogs and eventually quit blogging because of failure.

In fact, keyword research is a very important part of SEO to rank your blog article on the first page of the Google search engine. We will discuss in detail in this post how to rank our blog posts in the Google search engines by doing proper keyword research, and why it is important for SEO. If you read this post carefully then you will know more about what keywords are and how to get a targeted audience to your blog by doing keyword research. Let’s find out one by one – 

What Are Keywords? 

Keywords are words with the help of which we search any content in Google or other search engines. Keywords can be one word or many words. We search Google search engine for any content with the help of keywords. So every blogger should research keywords and write articles. When this keyword is of high search volume, we can bring a lot of traffic to our blog organically from the Google search engine.



What Is Keyword Research? 


Keyword Research is one of the most important parts of search engine optimization with the help of which the search engine presents the content in front of us according to the search terms. These search terms are the keywords that users search for in Google, Bing, or any other search engine.

Basically, through Keyword Research, we can find out which keywords are in high demand online or which keywords are currently trending. You can check the search volume of keywords by searching these highly demanding keywords in various keyword volume checker tools. Moreover, you will get a clear idea about the competition or CPC of any keyword. If you write your blog post by doing keyword research in this way, your post will rank on the first page of the search engine very quickly. It means that you understand that Keyword Research is to search the words, with the help of which people search for content in the search engine.

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What Are The Benefits Of Keyword Research? 


What Is Keyword Research ? 50 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO In 2023
Benefits Of Keyword Research

I hope, Now you must have understood what keywords are and also know what keyword research is. I hope you know about the importance of keywords as a blogger. Now you will know about the benefits of this keyword research………… 

  • If we research high search volume keywords and write articles on those same keywords, then that article gets indexed in the search engine very quickly and within a short time, that post starts to rank. As a result, we can bring unlimited organic traffic to our posts from search engines.
  • By doing proper keyword research you can rank your post on any particular keyword.
  • You can find the search volume and competition of any keyword through keyword research which will help your post rank.
  • If you do proper keyword research and post articles, your post will come up in search results very easily. As a result, many visitors will come to your website. More visitors means more income.
  • When you can get a lot of organic traffic by doing proper keyword research and publishing articles, you can also earn a good amount of money from that traffic through AdSense revenue and affiliate marketing.

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Where To Get Keyword Ideas For Blog Posts? 


A particular problem among new bloggers is that they do not do keyword research properly. They cannot find keywords correctly during keyword research. At this point, you will be familiar with some popular mediums or websites from where you can find good keywords and write articles, and your post will have a 100% chance of ranking. Let’s see the list of those sites below – 


1. Google Questions Hub

2. Quora

3. People Also Ask Of Google

4. Google Search Autofill Suggestions

5. Reddit 

6. Pinterest



How To Do Keyword Research For Blog Posts? 


Keyword research is very important for blog posts. Some things should be kept in mind in terms of keyword research to get a high rank in the Google search engine. For example –

  • During keyword research, you will find some keywords that have high search volume and high competition. You should avoid such keywords.
  • While doing keyword research you should always target high search volume and low competition keywords so that you can rank your blog post in search engines.

In the next point, you will know about the currently popular 50 best online keyword research tools in which you can do detailed analysis on keyword research as well as SEO and website-related issues. Also, you can rank your blog post at the top of the search engine.

50 Best Online Keyword Research Tools In 2023?


What Is Keyword Research ? 50 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO In 2023
Top 50 Keywords Research Tools

Suppose you want to do proper keyword research before writing your blog post, then with the help of the 50 best online keyword research tools mentioned below. In that case, you will be able to prepare a good SEO-friendly article by doing keyword research. Some of these top 50 keyword research tools are free and some have paid versions. But if you are new to the blogging industry then I definitely suggest you work on the free version first. Let’s take a look at the 50 best online keyword research tools in serially – 


You can easily find millions of keyword suggestions using these 50 best keyword research tools. If you write your keyword and search in all these keyword research tools, then you can see the search volume, competition, keyword difficulty, CPC, etc. of that keyword very easily. Then you understand the importance of proper keyword research to rank a blog post in Google or any other search engine. So from the above given top 50 online research tools, you can do keyword research according to your blog niche using the tool at your convenience.

FAQ About Keywords Research Tools


What Is Keyword Research ? 50 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO In 2023
FAQ On Keywords Research

1. Why Is Keyword Research Important For SEO?


Answer Keyword research is a very important SEO part to rank blog articles. So SEO is 100% incomplete without keyword research.

2. How Do You Do Keyword Research For A Blog For Free?


Answer You need to target specific keywords that will have a high search volume. To do keyword research, you can use free tools from among the top 50 keyword research tools given above.

3. What Are The 4 Types Of Keywords?


Answer There are basically four types of keywords for writing blogging articles – Commercial, Transactional, Informational & Navigational.

4. Which Free Tool Is Best For Keyword Research?


Answer According to me, Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends are the most popular keyword research tools.

5. Which Is The Best Paid Keyword Research Tool?


Answer SEMRush is the most popular paid Keyword Research Tool for beginners to advanced bloggers.

Final Words


Hopefully, after reading this keyword research details article today, you will understand how important keyword research is for a blog post. So if you are a new blogger and want to build your blogging journey successfully then you must do proper keyword research and publish articles. Hope your blog post will rank well. Thank you very much for reading the whole article carefully. If you like reading the post then definitely share it and encourage more new bloggers to do proper keyword research.

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