How To Get Google AdSense Approval In A Day ? Full Guide [2024]

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How To Get Google AdSense Approval In 1 Day ?
Get Google AdSense Approval In A day


How To Get Google AdSense Approval In A Day?

Do you want to learn how to get Google AdSense approval? Then you are reading the right article because through this article you will know how to get Google AdSense approval. I guarantee you that after reading this article completely, you will not need to search anywhere else on how to get Google AdSense approval. So, read today’s article carefully and get Google AdSense approval for your website properly.

As the internet is reaching people quickly, the number of bloggers is also increasing rapidly. But the primary problem that new bloggers face is getting Google AdSense approval on their website. In the initial stage when we started blogging, we faced Google AdSense rejection due to a lack of proper information.


You won’t believe that when I started blogging, I was rejected 2 times by Google AdSense for my blog approval. As a result, I quit blogging. Then three years later, when I started blogging again, I got AdSense approval within 24 hours on my 20-day-old website. It was like a dream come true for me when I got my first Google AdSense approval. Currently, if I do good work on any blog for just 20 days and apply for Google AdSense after writing 15 articles, I get a Google AdSense approval email easily within a day.

How To Get Google AdSense Approval In A Day?


We get our site approved for Google AdSense only when our blog is considered by the Google AdSense team to be a quality site that provides a better quality user experience. The Google AdSense team approves a new site when the site follows Google AdSense and other Google Policies. Moreover, the site provides quality content to the users.



Never Make The Following Mistakes To Get Google AdSense Approval


  • Do not copy-paste any post.
  • Do not buy any kind of third-party domain
  • Keep posting. Don’t stop posting
  • Do not use HTTP. Always use HTTPS
  • Do not use copyrighted images
  • Do not write articles in languages ​​not supported by Google
  • Don’t apply for Google AdSense until your blog post gets impressions from Google Search results. 
  • Do not use too many unnecessary images
  • Do not use any other third-party ad network.
  • Do not apply for Google AdSense if the domain name is not 1 month old
  • Do not post any illegal adult content.

How To Approve Blogs By Google AdSense?


Now, let me tell you, Google AdSense approval is not as difficult as it seems for new bloggers. If any new bloggers follow all the steps given below carefully, then those bloggers will get 100% Google AdSense approval. How To Get Google AdSense Approval In A Day?



1. Don’t Think Too Much About Traffic – 


When we start blogging, we are most concerned about traffic because new bloggers think that when the website gets traffic, it will only get Google AdSense approval. But this is not true. Even if no visitors come to your site, you will get Google AdSense approval within just 24 hours.

2. Write Your Blog Posts Correctly


In the previous point, I said that don’t think too much about traffic because the most important reason for my blog to get Google AdSense approval is because the post is well-written. This doesn’t mean writing a lot of wordy posts, just writing a post that uses all the headings correctly.


Write a post that people need and are searching for on Google, use featured images in the post, don’t make the paragraphs too long in the post, and provide accurate information in the post.


3. Customize Your Blog Well


Customizing a blog does not mean using an expensive premium blog theme. Rather, it means customizing the theme well, using the right favicons and a professional logo on the blog, as well as setting the menu and categories properly. The overall interface of the blog should be very professional and good.


You can use the Generatepress free theme to customize your blog well. Any new blogger can customize this theme very easily, and the user interface of this theme is very simple and beautiful. By using this theme, you will get Google AdSense approval very quickly.



4. Check the Plagiarism Of Every Post  


Whenever you are writing a post on a blog, before publishing that post on the blog, check the plagiarism of that article once with the help of any online free plagiarism tool, because it shows which paragraphs in your written article someone has already written on their blog post.


If a paragraph in your post contains plagiarism, rewrite that paragraph differently and better so that plagiarism is not detected. This is an important point that we must pay attention to properly check plagiarism.

5. Reduce Image Size 


When we upload a high-quality image to the blog, it has a great impact on the loading speed of our blog. As a result, the site slows down completely because of the large image size. Which takes a lot of time to load the website.


Due to this, our blog will not be able to rank well in search engines and users will not like our blog. For this reason, Google will not approve AdSense. So whenever you are using a featured image in a blog post, reduce the image size with an image compressor and remember that the image size should not exceed 100 kb.

6. Use Robot.Txt Correctly


If we want to get Google AdSense approval for our site, the most important thing is that our blog posts should be indexed in Google. If even a single post is not indexed in Google then no matter how hard we try we will not get Google AdSense approval.


The most important thing to do in order to index a blog post in Google is to set up the Robot.txt file correctly. Only through the Robot.txt file, do Google’s crawler robots know which pages of the site to index and which not to. If you are not using Robot.txt correctly, it will not get Google AdSense approval. So use Robot.txt properly on your website.

7. “About Us”, “Contact Us” & “Privacy Policy” – Make These Three Pages


About Us, Contact Us, and Privacy Policy are the three pages you must make in your blog. If you have not created these three pages in your blog, then you will not get Google AdSense approval. These three pages will make your site a good quality site, which will make it much easier to get AdSense approval.


Creating these three pages is necessary because in the eyes of users and Google, your site becomes a good site that follows Google’s rules, and it informs the Google AdSense team and visitors about your site’s rules.

8. Provide Proper Information In Your Blog Post


If you write and post some wrong information on your blog, the user does not get the correct information. Or write a post on a topic that does not answer or explain the question in your blog post, in which case your blog will not get Google AdSense approval. Because your blog is not providing any value to the users. So in such a situation, only you tell why Google AdSense will approve your blog. So write a blog with correct information and get AdSense approval very easily.

9. Create Google AdSense Account Properly


Many times we can’t create a Google AdSense account properly. Many times we don’t get AdSense account approval due to not being able to properly connect our blog with Google AdSense. Moreover, another AdSense account is already created, and various errors like “you have an existing AdSense account” are coming, as a result, we do not get Google AdSense approval.

10. Write A Certain Amount Of Posts


To get Google AdSense approval, Google AdSense has not made any rule about the post that you only write so many posts that you will get approval. In my opinion, you must write at least 15 posts to get AdSense approval.


If you don’t get AdSense approval in 15 posts, then improve the quality of your posts and keep writing posts. Then apply again for Google AdSense after writing 20, 25, and 30 posts. Write each blog post of at least 1000 words. Because I got approval for only 15 posts of 1000 words. So, you will post regularly on the blog a certain number of times, and you will get AdSense approval.


Q)    Does the domain name need to be 6 months old to get Google AdSense Approval?

A)    No, the domain name must be less than 1 month old to get Google AdSense approval.

Q)    How long does it take to get Google AdSense approval?

A)    Google AdSense has not made any such specific rules. But I bought the domain on 7th November 2022 and applied on 27th and got AdSense approval the next day. My blog got approved within 24 hours of applying for Google AdSense.

Q)     Should I write a post of 1000 words to get Google AdSense approval on the blog?

A)    Not at all, there is no word limit to get Google AdSense approval. You can also get AdSense approval by writing a post of 300-500 words. Google prefers to write more words because it makes the post better SEO friendly.


Final Words

Hope you like the important information provided by this article and that you must know how to get Google AdSense approval. If you have any questions related to blogging, AdSense, or social media then you can ask in the comments below. Share this article with all people who are bloggers. So that they can know detailed information about AdSense approval and can establish themselves as successful blogger.


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