What Is The Best Trending Start Up Business To Start With 50k For Rural Areas In India? [Updated 2023]

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Start Up Business Are you looking to start up a profitable business with less capital? Then you have come to the right place because in this post I am going to discuss the top 5 trending start-up businesses in the village just for you. These 5 businesses you can start these in your village and these businesses can be done with a capital of less than Rs.50,000/-.

There are many people who want to do business but think that doing business requires a lot of capital. This is somewhat true but not completely true because some businesses require a lot of capital while there are some businesses that only need 50k rupees to start. In today’s blog, I will also tell you about the top five start up businesses that can make you a lot of money in the village.

Best 5 Trending Start Up Business To Start

Now I will discuss the top 5 start up business ideas that can be done in villages in India you can start with just 50K rupees; So read the following five points carefully. Let’s describe in detail –

Selling Vegetables

If you want to start a business with very little capital then selling vegetables can be one of the best start up business ideas for you. Nowadays the vegetable business is a very profitable business. First, you need to invest some money to sell vegetables. You can start this business with 5000 rupees or 50,000 rupees if you want. I will suggest that you start this business by investing some money first.

You can set up your vegetable shop in a specific place or you can go from village to village to sell vegetables. In this case, if you sell in the market, you have to rent your own shop. But if you shop in the market then your shop and business will have a different identity which is a big advantage for the growth of your business.

The main reason why you can make a lot of profit in this vegetable business is that the profit margin between the purchase price and the selling price is very high in this business. So if you want to start up a new business then selling vegetables can be a good profitable business opportunity for you with less capital.

Salon Shop

One of the best profitable start up business with low capital is a salon shop. If you are passionate about fashion & style and you like to experiment with different hairstyles then you can shop at a salon. Nowadays salon shops can be a very profitable business with minimum investment. In this case, you will have to spend between Rs.15,000/- to Rs.20,000/- in total to buy salon equipment for the shop and rent a shop.

But before you start this business you need to learn salon work well. First, you have to learn to work from any other salon for a few months and then start your own business. Once your start-up takes off then you can easily earn 50,000/- per month.

Fast Food & Tiffin Services Shop

If you love to feed others then you can open a fast food or tiffin shop. Currently, these tiffin service shops can be very popular and high-selling businesses. Nowadays, people like to eat fast food, so big domestic and foreign fast food brands are doing business all over the world. You can also start this type of business yourself and earn a lot of money.

If you want to start this tiffin service fast food business, then in this case also you have to rent a shop, along with shop equipment such as dishes, glasses, plates, spoons, raw materials for food preparation, and cooking stoves. You can arrange all these at the initial stage with roughly Rs.50,000/-.

When your business is doing well, you can expand the business by reinvesting some of your profits. Another good way to expand this food service business is if you can join some online food delivery service companies. It will also increase the business of your shop; You can generate a good monthly income.

Nursery Garden

If you want to do profitable business with less capital then you can start a nursery garden. You can make a nursery garden in the empty space of your house or open field and cultivate different types of flowers, fruits, and herbs there. You can make small seedlings from these trees and sell them in the market at a good price or sell them at wholesale prices.

The nursery tree business is currently one of the most profitable businesses in the village. Your minimum investment in this nursery garden will give you a highly profitable business. 

Poultry Farm Business

Currently, the demand for poultry meat and eggs is increasing due to changes in people’s eating habits. Since humans are carnivores, they give special importance to fish, eggs, and meat in their diet. You can start your business by exploiting these daily eating habits of people. You build a poultry farm and cultivate poultry there. In this case, you can build this poultry farm by leasing your own free space or other people’s space.

A poultry farm can be started with at least 50,000/-. First, you need to build the poultry farm well and make it suitable for bringing chicks and keeping them there. Then you bring the little chicks and put them in your poultry farm and take care of them.

Thus in 30-40 days when the chicks are grown up, you can sell them by kg to meat shops in the market or you can sell them to big meat dealers at wholesale price. If you can do this poultry farm business well then you can earn up to lakhs of rupees per month.


I Hope, in today’s post you have understood how you can start a high-profit business with only 50k rupees in the village. So start your favorite business without any delay. In the early stages, it takes time to be successful in any business; If you start a business and work with your heart, you will see that your business will go to a very good stage and you will get a lot of success in life.

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