How To Start Eggshell Powder Business In India [2023] Best Guide

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How To Do Start Up Eggshell Powder Business In India [2023]
Eggshell Powder Business


How to Start Up Eggshell Powder Business In India

Are you looking to quit your current job and start a business or are you currently unemployed and thinking of starting a new business? In today’s post, I will discuss one such unique business that you don’t need to make any investment to start. All you need to do this business is some planning and proper execution which I will explain in detail in today’s post.

You might throw away eggshells like others or make any egg recipe at home, roadside fast food shops, hotels, or restaurants. When we use eggs, we usually throw away the hard shell of the egg. We consider this egg coating basically wasted. Have you ever thought that this wasted eggshell can earn you a lot of money? Yes, you heard that right; With this eggshell, you can make eggshell powder and sell it to earn a lot of money.

This eggshell powder is very popular as a natural remedy used all over the world. The use of this eggshell powder is also increasing rapidly in India and many people are earning lakhs of rupees per month by making this eggshell powder in India. So in today’s post, I will discuss in detail the complete roadmap of business related to how to start a business by making eggshell powder, how much investment to make and how to expand the business, etc.; So read the post carefully.

Start-Up Eggshell Powder Business

What Is The Usage Of Eggshell Powder?

Just as there are many benefits in eggs, so are the benefits of eggshells. The eggshell contains iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, etc., which are known as very useful minerals. So the benefits of this eggshell powder are many. Therefore Eggshell Powder is used in various cases. Eggshells are used to make face powder, toothpaste, gastric acidity medicine, used in cattle feed, used as fertilizer on agricultural land and this powder also works as an insecticide.

How To Collect Eggshells To Make Eggshell Powder?

You can tie up by going to your local restaurants, fast food shops, or tiffin shops. Going to those shops or restaurants, you can buy eggshells regularly or weekly. You can pay 50/- per kg of eggshell. One kg of eggshell weighs roughly 150+ eggs. If you can collect even 1 kg from ten places regularly in this way then you can collect 20 kg daily and from there you can make a lot of eggshell powder.

How Much Money To Invest In The Eggshell Business?

You might be thinking that this business will involve a lot of money invested but no, you are wrong because your investment here is very less. You only paid a small amount to buy the eggshells from the store. But there are many shops that may not charge you to peel the eggs but you won’t. Since you will earn money by doing business honestly, you will always buy eggshells from those sellers with money.

How Do You Make Eggshell Powder?

Since no chemicals are required to make eggshell powder, only eggshell is needed here. First, you have to keep these eggshells in boiling hot water for 10 minutes. Then the eggshells should be dried in sunlight. After that, the eggshells are blended into the mixture to make the powder. In this way, if you blend all the eggshells into a powder and seal it in the packet according to the quantity, then your eggshell powder is ready. You understand how easy it is to make this eggshell powder.

Where To Sell Eggshell Powder?

You do not understand where to sell your Eggshell Powder or who will buy it? You can sell this eggshell powder online on various eCommerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Indiamart, etc. Apart from online, you can go to different medicine shops, beauty parlors, salons, or any fertilizer shop to sell directly. You can open a shop yourself by making this eggshell powder and selling it at wholesale rates. In this case, the profit share between your own production and sale will be much higher.

How Much Money Can You Earn From Eggshell Powder?

You can make a lot of money by making Eggshell Powder and selling it in the market. Since the investment in this business is very low, your profit will be very high here. Let’s say you buy eggshells at 50 rupees per kg, if you start with at least 600 kg per month, you will spend 15000 rupees. Then if you make this eggshell powder and sell it at 500 rupees per kg, then you will make a profit of 450 rupees per kg. If you can sell at least 300 kgs per month then you can easily earn Rs.1,35,000/- or $1500+ more.

Free Business Tips

Friends, if you want to start this business then definitely keep the below-mentioned steps in mind –

1. When you tie up with a fast food shop or restaurant to buy eggshells, you will come to those shops with a dustbin or bucket. Sometimes there are many shops where eggshells or wasted items are thrown in the garbage very badly. So you tell those stores with dustbins, to throw the eggshells in that dustbin.

2. You will be doing this business for a lifetime so you will never provide low-quality products to customers while making more profit in business. Always try to create and provide premium quality products for customers.

3. When you start this business, don’t go for a lot of production at first. Initially, you make 40-50 kg of powder and see how you get a response in the market. You can increase production when you see new orders coming in and the market demand for your products gradually increasing.


Hope you got to know in detail from today’s post how you can start a business with just less than 20000 rupees capital and earn lakhs of rupees per month. So start the eggshell powder business without any delay. You will see that in a very short time you have established yourself as a successful entrepreneur.

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