5 Best Business Ideas You Can Do Along With Your Job In 2023

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5 Best Business Ideas
5 Best Business Ideas

5 Best Business Ideas We want to earn money independently in addition to the low salary of the job. But as the situation is not always under our control, we have no alternative source of income. Even if there is a source, we are afraid to take the next step due to economic instability or insecurity. However, there are many people who want to independently start a new business in addition to their job; But due to lack of time, it cannot be implemented.

In today’s post, I will tell you about some of the best businesses where you can easily earn up to lakhs of rupees a month. Through today’s writing, we want to encourage you to start a new startup. So without delay start your business along with your job with less capital. Now let’s know about some of the 5 best business Ideas that you can do while working.

5 Best Business Ideas You Can Do Along With Your Job

Doctor's Chamber of Business 

You can open a doctor’s chamber beside your job. You’re probably wondering, what kind of business is it talking about here? How to open a doctor’s chamber even if you are not a doctor. Yes, you can open your doctor chamber and start a business without being a doctor. That’s why you need to make a business plan with a little intelligence.

You first fix a place and make it convenient to see a doctor. Then you have to contact the doctors and convince them to sit in your chamber. Then you schedule a doctor’s appointment in the chamber every week. You take a commission percentage on the patient fees from the doctors. Thus if you charge 250 rupees on 100 patient fees 7 days a week then your income is 25000/- per week and 1 lakh rupees per month.

The best thing is that you can earn this income alongside your current job which will be a good passive income source for you. You don’t have to spend full time here. You can come and sit in this chamber after your evening job or hire a compounder to assist the doctor and check regular income calculations. Then you can understand that this doctor’s chamber startup can be a good profitable business for you.

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Home Canteen Business 

If you are thinking of doing a business along with your job then a home canteen business can be the best start-up idea for you. Now there are many working people who order food from various home canteens during their tiffin at work. Nowadays people prefer to eat home-cooked food rather than a hotel because these foods are very healthy. You can use this opportunity to start your own business and earn good money every month.

You will start this home canteen food delivery business from your home. First cook the home canteen food for the housewives and then pack the cooked food well in a container for delivery. Then you can deliver this food yourself or through a food delivery company. If you do this business along with your job, you can earn good money by doing this food delivery business in the evening.

Event Decoration Business 

Apart from the job, you can also start an event decoration business. Flower decoration and gate decoration can be done at weddings, banquets, birthdays, or any other social event. If you can decorate different events then you can earn a lot of money. As there is some investment in this business, there is a lot of profit. If you can do this business properly then it is only a matter of time to earn lakhs of rupees at the end of the month.

However, you cannot do this event decoration business alone. Since you will be doing this business along with your job, you have to make a small team of 5-6 people to do this business. You marketed your event decoration business well, got the project, and started working with your team. Then after the work, you got the full amount of the contract. That means you understand how profitable the event decoration business can be as a side hustle for you.

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Children Park Business  

If the distance from your home to the office is fairly short, then you can start a business by making a children’s park. You can make a good income from this business by making children park for children with entry fees or monthly membership fees. Since you will be working in the office, you can come and sit in the park in the afternoon and check the maintenance and accounting of the park.

Moreover, you can appoint an employee in the park who will take care of the park regularly, he will perform all the responsibilities of opening or closing the park. In this way, you can make a good amount of money by making a children’s park.

Fish Wholesaling Business

You can earn good money by wholesale fish on a regular morning. Wholesale of fish means you don’t have to sit in the fish market and sell fish; You will only sell fish to fishmongers as a wholesaler. You can sell fish early in the morning and then go to the office.

Currently, the fish business is a very profitable business. During the Corona period, many people who lost their jobs made their living by selling this fish.

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Final Words

I hope that by reading today’s article, you have learned about the top five business ideas that can be done alongside the job. So start your own independent business without delay. After all, reading this post is a matter of great motivation for us if you are planning to start a business or have started a business.

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