How To Make Money From Telegram Channels In 2024?

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Make Money From Telegram
Make Money From Telegram

You must have already heard about the various ways of earning from social media. AdSense and affiliate marketing are currently the main sources of income from social media. But today I will tell you about a social media platform from which you can earn more than $500 per month in various ways. Apart from earning on social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, you can add another new social media earning source and generate a good passive income at the end of the month. Let’s start the discussion about that particular social media platform that thousands of people are using to earn up to lakhs of rupees per month.

You probably know about Telegram social media because YouTube, Facebook, or other social media influencers ask to join their Telegram channel. The subject of today’s discussion is how you can earn money by making this Telegram channel. Telegram is one such popular social media platform from which you can earn good money besides promoting your business.

Best Way To Make Money From Telegram

There is no ads monetization option in the Telegram channel; So you have to earn here in some other way. Now I will tell you in detail about those best ways –


Affiliate Marketing


If you want to earn money from Telegram then the best way is to earn from affiliate marketing. Currently, YouTubers or social influencers earn a lot of money per month by uploading affiliate links to their own Telegram channels. Like them, you can do affiliate marketing yourself by joining an affiliate program of an eCommerce site. Currently, Telegram has become one of the most accessible platforms for affiliate marketing and business promotion.


Product Reselling


If you want to earn money from your Telegram channel, another good way for you is product reselling. Currently, there are many e-commerce sites that allow reselling of their site’s products. One of these eCommerce sites is Meesho. You sign up on this site and sell the product with a profit margin of your own. When a customer buys those products, you will get the profit margin on the product price directly into your bank account.


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URL Shortener


Currently, another popular source of income online is URL shortener websites. You can make an account on any URL shortener website by shortening various links and you can earn good money by sharing those links on your other social media platforms as well as Telegram channels. These URL shortener websites give you good money per 1000 clicks. Then you can understand how much money you can earn regularly if you have 10k+ members in Telegram.


Referral Income


You can also earn good money by sharing referral links to various apps, and social sites on Telegram. Currently, many such apps are available on the Google play store, using those apps you can win Paytm cash, PayPal money, and Amazon Gift card. People are currently looking for such apps on the internet, you can use this opportunity to generate a good referral income from your Telegram channel.


Share Market Tips


If you have enough knowledge about the share market, then you can share your share market-related tips and when to buy or sell a share with your subscribers on your Telegram channel. As a result, audience engagement will be good on your Telegram channel. If your channel gets good subscriber growth you can sell your share market course there. Moreover, you can earn a good amount of money by sharing referral links of different share broking platforms with your subscribers to open their new Demat accounts.

Education Related Earning


If you have an education-related channel on YouTube then you can connect with your audience on Telegram through YouTube and you can suggest different study materials, PDFs, or different books for your audience on your Telegram. This will also increase your Telegram subscribers and you can earn a good amount of money by referencing all those books or PDFs. Apart from this, you will also get the chance of cross-promotion; From your YouTube video description, viewers will go to your Telegram and when they subscribe to that Telegram, your Telegram audience retention will increase and when you give the YouTube video link on Telegram, your YouTube video views and subscribers will increase from there. Then you understand how you can earn a lot of money every month by using YouTube and Telegram together.


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Movie Download Link Share


You can share new movie download links on Telegram. A few years ago, even after the release of a new movie, people used to download full movies from torrents; But now people can easily download new movies on their phones through Telegram. You can also earn good money by downloading such new movie links on your Telegram channel. You will share the links of all those sites on your Telegram channel and when any subscriber of your channel clicks that link or goes to that website to download that movie, you will get a certain amount of money from that website for each click. Then you understand how much money you can earn by sharing new movie download links on your Telegram channel.


Final Words

I hope, from today’s article, you got to know how to earn money from Telegram. So without delay make Telegram a new source of income and continue to earn unlimited passive income.

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