Will YouTube Monetization Be Disabled From 2023? 7 New YouTube Monetization Announcements/Updates For YouTuber

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New YouTube Monetization Updates/Announcements
New YouTube Monetization Updates

Will YouTube Monetization Be Disabled From 2023?


New YouTube Monetization Updates, If you are a YouTube content creator then there is bad news for you. Because YouTube recently made a big announcement about YouTube monetization in their guidelines, where if you make a little mistake, your video will no longer be monetized. So, read today’s post carefully. Recently, 7 new YouTube Monetization updates have come from YouTube regarding monetization, which updates have been explained by YouTube for its creators in the YouTube Monetization Policy. Today’s update is going to be a very important update for those YouTube content creators whose channels are associated with the YouTube Partner Program. 

YouTube is announcing its new rules day by day and YouTube is constantly getting stricter. As a result, it is going to take a lot of work for new creators to earn by creating videos on YouTube in the coming days. In fact, due to the increased presence of creators and competition on YouTube, Hence YouTube is announcing new rules day by day. Now let’s know about those seven big announcements of YouTube about monetization.


7 New YouTube Monetization Updates/Announcements For YouTuber


Inappropriate Languages

New YouTube Monetization Updates/Announcements
Inappropriate Languages On YouTube


The first thing that YouTube mentions in its guidelines is regarding the use of Inappropriate Language. If you use any profanity or rude language in any of your videos then your monetization will be disabled. Earlier, according to the rules of YouTube monetization, the use of light-slung language was considered fair use by YouTube. But now YouTube has become very strict and has clearly stated in their guidelines that monetization of such content will be completely disabled.

Previously, if any Inappropriate Language ​​were used in a video, yellow dollars would be shown in the Monetization options in that video; But now the creators will not get that opportunity. So take time to learn about these rules and refrain from using any inappropriate language. This inappropriate language is used more in roasting channels. Therefore, the effect of the inappropriate language rule is going to fall most on these roasting channels.



New YouTube Monetization Updates/Announcements
Violence On YouTube Video


If your video has any kind of violent message then your video will not be advertised as friendly. But you can no longer monetize that video. Suppose your video supports any form of violence or promotes violence that may send a wrong message to society. In that case, your video will be considered ineligible for monetization as it violates the YouTube Partner Policy.

Adult Content

New YouTube Monetization Updates/Announcements
Adult Content On YouTube


You will not get monetization even if you work with any adult content. Adult Content means any kind of sexual talk, sexually exciting scenes, or discussions about sex education. These things will be considered adult content and as they are against the YouTube Partner Program, your YouTube Monetization will be disabled. As a result, the income from your YouTube video will be completely stopped.

Shocking Content

New YouTube Monetization Updates/Announcements
Shocking Content On YouTube


If any of your content upsets, disgust, or shocks the audience, then your video content will be considered unsuitable for AdSense advertising. So don’t create video content that will hurt the audience’s emotions. Always present your content to the audience keeping in mind the emotions and sentiments of the audience. You will always get the support and love of the audience; You can also earn a good amount of money from YouTube.

Tobacco-Related Content


New YouTube Monetization Updates/Announcements
Tobacco-Related Content On YouTube

You cannot show any tobacco-related content in your video. You may be showing a scene of tobacco consumption in your video and write below ‘Smoking is injurious to health, it causes Cancer’, even then you will not be able to monetize your video. Moreover, if you sell tobacco or promote any tobacco products on your channel, monetization of your video and channel may be disabled.

Firearms Content

New YouTube Monetization Updates/Announcements
Firearms Content On YouTube


If you create and share content on your channel with information about the manufacture, sale, or storage of any real or fake missiles or firearms, then it will be considered against the YouTube Community Guidelines. Your YouTube channel along with your videos may be terminated for a lifetime. So always refrain from creating such content or using any scene in your video.

Controversial Issues

New YouTube Monetization Updates/Announcements
Controversial Issues On YouTube


Do not make videos with any controversial issues that can have a negative impact on people or that can create controversy among people. If a controversial image, graphic, or video is used in this controversial content, it will be considered against the YouTube community guidelines. So avoid such content. Never create any content that can create discord between people.



So readers, hopefully by reading this post today, you have understood all the information about YouTube’s new monetization update. If you want to know more details then you can read the complete Guidelines of the Youtube Partner Program. You make your topic-related videos on YouTube and may your YouTube career be beautiful and successful.

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