What Are The Best Online Photo Selling Microstock Websites For Freelance Photographers In 2023

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Best Online Photo Selling Websites For Freelance Photographers In 2023
Best Online Photo Selling Websites

Best Online Photo Selling Microstock Websites Do you love photography? Do you take your camera out for photography whenever you get the chance? You stand for hours with the camera around your neck or wander around to take some good shots. However, this photography will not do; It is also necessary to earn a good amount of money from photography. You need to take the right steps to turn your photography passion into a successful profession. As a photographer, these small steps will enable you to establish yourself as a successful photographer.

If you want to earn a good amount of money from photography then you have to sell your photos online. In earlier days a photographer’s main source of income was their own studio or photography exhibition. In order to earn income from studios or exhibitions, you have to make an investment first. Nowadays, with the blessing of the internet, many opportunities have opened up to earn money through online photo selling.

Now there are various microstock websites where you can earn a lot of money per month by selling your photos. In today’s article, I will discuss some of the best microstock photo-selling websites for you. But to earn a good amount of money per month from these microstock photo-selling websites you need to know some important things about photography.

What Qualifications Are Needed To Earn Money By Online Photo Selling? 

No qualifications are required to earn money by selling photos online. You just need to be passionate about photography and think of new creative frames. If you have some general knowledge about photography then it will be extra beneficial for you. Besides photography, if you have knowledge of photo editing and graphics design, then you can edit your photos in a more advanced way and upload them to online photo-selling microstock websites and earn a good amount of money.

Is A DSLR Camera Mandatory For Online Photo Selling? 

If you have a camera or a good-quality smartphone you can earn money by taking pictures from there too. However, the photos taken from the camera are more acceptable on these microstock photo-selling websites. But nowadays smartphones are very high megapixels and very good high-quality pictures are taken from smartphones. So you understand that even if you don’t have a DSLR, you can still make money by taking photos from your smartphone and selling those online.

Why Should You Sell Photos On Microstock Websites?

I will tell you that the reason for uploading photos on microstock websites is that since you are a freelance photographer, it is a bit difficult for you to make your own website and sell photos. You have to spend a lot of money to make your own website because you have to invest a lot of money to buy domain hosting. Also, to bring visitors to the website, you need to know SEO correctly and add a trusted payment gateway to the website. That means you understand how much more profitable it is to sell photos on a popular microstock website than to sell photos by making a website. So I suggest you sell your photography on online microstock websites.

How Much Money You Can Make by Online Photo Selling?

How much money you will make by Online Photo Selling depends entirely on how many of your photos are selling. Maybe you had 10 photo sales in a month and you got $100 or maybe you had 50 photos sold in a month and you got $50. But how much you earn depends entirely on your selling price per photo and how many photos are sold. So there is no fixed income in these online photo-selling platforms.

How To Transfer Your Payment Into a Bank Account? 

If your photos are sold online, you can withdraw the payment through PayPal, Payoneer, or Skrill payment gateways. Through these payment gateways, you can make any kind of foreign money transaction directly to your bank.

Can Online Photo Selling Be A Good Career?

Initially, online photo selling may not be a good career option for you. Because here your photo sales completely depend on the buyer. When a buyer buys any of your photos online from microstock photo selling websites, you can get up to 40% commission from that website for selling that photo. Although you can earn a lot of money by selling pictures temporarily, it cannot be a long-term job. Because your uploaded photos will not always sell. Then you understand that you can keep it as a side income source; Never take it as a profession.

Best Microstock Websites To Sell Photos Online 

Now let’s know about some of the best microstock websites to earn money by selling photos online

1. Shutterstock – The most popular and widely used microstock photography website on the Internet is Shutterstock. By becoming a contributor to this Microstock website you can sell your photos. If your photos are sold from this website, you can get a commission of 14-40% on the selling price of Shutterstock. However, the rate of this commission is different for photos, videos, and vectors.

Here you can withdraw the payment of your sold photos through PayPal Payoneer and Skrill. Moreover, this website has its own mobile app from where you can work on this site as you like.

2. Getty Images – A very popular microstock photography website is Getty Images. The customer base of this website is also very good as a lot of photography collections are available here. The possibility of selling your uploaded photos here is also very high. You can get a maximum of 20% commission by selling images on this website and you can withdraw your commission through PayPal and Payoneer.

3. Stocksy – Stocksy is a new Microstock photo-selling website that has made a good place online in a very short time. If you want, you can join as a contributor to this site and sell photos. It is not easy for you to become a contributor on this website because if you do not know very good photography then this website will reject you. Rejection twice in a row will block you from this site. Here if you work as a contributor then you can get a 75% commission and here you can withdraw money through PayPal.

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4. Alamy – Alamy is a very popular photography website; Especially for students this site is a very good online photo-selling microstock website. If you are a student then for the first two years you will get full money by selling photos on this website. If you are not a student then you will get a 40% commission on the selling price of the photo. Moreover, you can sell the pictures uploaded on this site by uploading them to other sites. Here you can redeem your earnings through PayPal & Skrill.

5. Freepik – You can also sell your photos by joining as a contributor on the Freepik website. But to join this website as a contributor, you have to take a test first. You need to test by uploading your best 20 demo images first. Then the team of that website will test your demo and after giving approval you will get access to work as a contributor on this website. This website will not pay you any commission-based payment. On this website basically, you will get money per image download. You can withdraw the money from the download through PayPal and Payoneer.

Final Words
I hope, by reading this article today, you will know how you can earn a good amount of money by taking pictures with your smartphone or camera and selling them online. You can be a student or a freelancer and regularly shoot good scenes and sell those photos online to make a good profit. You can make this online photo selling a good side income source in your student or professional life.
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