How To Earn Money From Podcast In India [2022-2023] Best Tutorial

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How To Earn Money From Online Podcast In India [2022-2023]
Earn Money From Podcast

If you want to earn money online then today’s post is only for you. In today’s post, we will discuss a unique online side hustle that is currently very popular and has become a trending source of income. Hope you can guess what I am talking about. Let’s start a detailed discussion about the popular online side hustle.

“Podcast” – Hopefully you have seen or heard this name many times on various social media, YouTube, or other online platforms. Today the content of our post is about how you can earn money from podcasts. But before making money from podcasts, first, you need to know more about podcasts and how you can earn money from it. Moreover, if you have enough knowledge about podcasts, you can earn a lot of money from it.

What Is A Podcast? 

The podcast is a voice or MP3-sharing online platform where you can share your voice. This sharing of your audio or voice will be called a podcast. So you understand about podcasts. You will understand if you explain with more detailed examples. Suppose you are watching a YouTube video where the speaker is also connecting with you through his voice and video. You can also call this a video podcast.

Currently, video podcasts have started on YouTube or similar video-sharing platforms. However, podcasts are mainly in audio format. But now people are updating themselves with time, so they are now trying to implement old content in a unique way.

Another example will give you a better understanding of podcasts. Suppose you are reading this post about podcasts on our website. This means you are reading text on our website because this website is a text website.

Similarly, when you submit your recorded voice or audio to a podcast platform, it is called a podcast. There are many such podcast-sharing platforms online where you can earn a lot of money by uploading your audio podcasts.

How Much Money Can Be Earned Per Month From Podcasts?

Now you need to know how much money can be earned by sharing audio or voice on a podcast platform. How much money you will earn every month completely depends on your work. Besides, there are some means of earning, from which you can increase your podcast earnings.

World-famous podcaster Joe Rogan earns around $90 million from his podcasts every year. That means you can understand how much money you can currently earn from podcasts.

Best Ways To Earn Money From Podcasts

I hope you have understood what a podcast is? How Much Money Can Be Earned Per Month From Podcasts? Now you will know, in what ways you can earn a lot of money from podcasts. –

1. Earn From Downloading Podcast EpisodesYou will regularly share your audio on podcast platforms. As listeners gradually like your podcasts and they download those episodes, you will earn a good amount of money per episode download. Currently, there are many podcast platforms that pay podcasters per download per episode. You can upload podcasts to those platforms and earn a massive amount of money every month.

2. Earn Money From Sponsorship Another good source of income from podcasts is sponsorship. Similar to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, you can earn a lot of money by sponsoring other brands on your podcast audio. Earning through online sponsorship has now become a good income opportunity for creators. You mentioned something about a product in your podcast and gave its affiliate link in the description.

You can earn income from this sponsorship in two ways, one is direct fees for sponsorship and the other is affiliate earning. Then you understand how much money you can earn per month from each sponsorship by producing regular podcasts.

3. Paid Subscription Earning Another good way to earn from a podcast is paid subscription earning. When you create a podcast on a platform, you can turn on paid subscriptions there. When a listener is interested in listening to your podcast, he has to pay subscription fees. In this way, you can bring a lot of money to your bank account by starting a paid subscription to your podcast channel.

4. Earn From Promotional Podcasts You can do promotional podcasts for other brands or companies if you want. Suppose you make a podcast about a product of a brand or discuss an online share broking platform. Apart from providing all the information about those brands, you told the audience in detail about the pros and cons. This is how you can make a lot of money by making a promotional podcast. You can earn around $100 to $1000 for one promotional podcast.

5. Sell Your Books You can also earn a lot of money by selling books on your podcast. Currently, earning by selling books on podcasts has become a very popular earning source. If you want, you can share the affiliate link of books related to that podcast in a podcast description. When someone likes listening to your podcast and wants to buy the book you suggest, they will purchase the book from your affiliate link. As a result, you will also get a good income from the affiliate link and your audience will also be able to buy the book easily.


Hopefully, from the content and analysis of this article today, you have learned how to make money online by uploading your own podcasts. So, without wasting your valuable time, start making podcasts soon and keep uploading them to podcast-sharing platforms. When the audience likes your voice, your presentation, and your speech, you will gradually increase your recognition; You will also see that various ways of earning from your podcast will open up.

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