Best Knowledge About Youtube Vlogging In 2023[Full Guide]

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Currently, YouTube Vlogging has become a popular concept. Now celebrities and common people also like to make Vlogs. When celebrities make videos about their daily life activities, lifestyle, and travel and upload those videos on their YouTube channel, they get millions of views within a few hours. Now Vlogging has become a profession for some people. It is basically one of the biggest passive income sources.

People’s interest in knowing about people’s lifestyles or other people’s activities is increasing. Vlogging has become a popular online medium to embody that interest. Through this vlogging, people present various aspects of their life to the audience through videos. Actually, I consider vlogging a good medium because vlogging helps us to preserve our beautiful moments and memories. So I think it is appropriate to take vlogging as a passion or a means of preserving beautiful memories for the future rather than as a source of income.

What Is Vlogging? 

Vlogging is a video-sharing medium where we can share our daily life activities and memorable moments with viewers. Actually, Vlogging and Blogging sound very similar but there is a difference between these two. Basically, these Vlogging terms can be said to have come from Blogging. Because we share writings on blogging websites. Similarly in Vlogging we make videos and present them to the audience.

How To Become A Successful Youtube Vlogger?

Before starting your vlogs journey you need to keep a few things in mind. If you want to become a successful vlogger, you must first take care of the following points –

  • You need to select a proper YouTube Vlogging Niche.
  • Videos should always provide a good relevant story for your audience.
  • To maintain audience retention until the end of the video, some interesting footage at the end of the video should be given at the beginning of the video. 
  • Good video quality and good cinematic shots should be kept in the video.
  • The use of music in your YouTube Vlogging video should be properly applied.

Gadget Requirements For Vlogging 

  • A good quality camera or smartphone.
  • Tripod/Mobile Holder for camera or mobile stabilize
  • Wireless Mike
  • A good computer, laptop, or smartphone for editing.

Types Of YouTube Vlogging (Full List)

Youtube Vlogging will be on different categories; Among them, the top 21 Youtube Vlogging categories are –

  1. Daily Vlogs
  2. Food Vlogs
  3. Travel Vlogs
  4. BTS Vlogs
  5. Fashion & Lifestyle Vlogs
  6. Tech Vlogs
  7. Motivational Vlogs
  8. Informative Vlogs 
  9. Challenges Vlogs
  10. Fact Vlogs
  11. Music Vlogs
  12. Educational Vlogs
  13. Relationship Vlogs 
  14. Gym & Fitness Vlogs
  15. Prank Vlogs
  16. Gaming Vlogs
  17. Collaboration Vlogs
  18. Holiday Vlogs 
  19. Event Vlogs
  20. Unboxing & Review Vlogs
  21. Giveaway Vlogs

These 21 categories of YouTube Vlogging are the best vlogging categories. From these topics, you can start working on a category of your choice.

My First Vlogs

Top 5 YouTube Vloggers In Worldwide In 2023

Let’s know about the top 5 YouTube Vloggers in the world

  • Felix Kjellberg

> Channel Name –  Pewdiepie

> Subscriber –  111+ Millions

> Estimated Monthly Earning – Approx Up To $900K

  • Roman Atwood

> Channel Name – Roman Atwood Vlogs

> Subscriber – 15.5+ Millions

> Estimated Monthly Earning – Approx Up To $12K+

  • Casey Owen Neistat 

> Channel Name – CaseyNeistat

> Subscriber – 12.5+ Millions

> Estimated Monthly Earning – Approx Up To $57K+

  • Ali Abdaal

> Channel Name – Ali Abdaal

> Subscriber – 3.5+ Millions 

> Estimated Monthly Earning – Approx Up To $35K+

  • Alex & Marko (Duo Brothers)

> Channel Name – Vega Brothers

> Subscriber – 1.2+ Millions

> Estimated Monthly Earning – Approx Up To $1.5K+

Top 5 YouTube Vloggers In India In 2023

Now let’s know about the Top 5 popular YouTube Vloggers in India – 

  • Sourav Joshi

> Channel Name – Sourav Joshi Vlogs

> Subscriber – 19+ Million

> Estimated Monthly Earning – Approx Up To $1.2M+

  • Gaurav Taneja

> Channel Name – Flying Beast

> Subscriber – 7.8+ Million

> Estimated Monthly Earning – Approx Up to $55K+

  • Gaurav Chaudhary

> Channel Name – Gaurav Chaudhary

> Subscriber – 5.2+ Million

> Estimated Monthly Earning – Approx $3K+ 

  • Gaurav Sharma

> Channel Name – Gaurav Zone

> Subscriber – 4.8+ Millions

> Estimated Monthly Earning – Approx Up To $37K+

  • Nikhil Sharma

> Channel Name – Mumbaiker Nikhil

> > Subscriber – 3.95+ Millions

> Estimated Monthly Earning – Approx Up To $48K

The income of every YouTube vlogger is explained here according to the report of the Socialblade website. Basically, every YouTuber’s income fluctuates based on views and AdSense ads click, and CPC. So it is tough to say the exact amount. YouTubers earn based on total viewers and their ad clicks.

Moreover, their earnings depend on affiliate marketing and various brand promotions, and other things. A YouTuber earns a good amount of money from these besides Google AdSense.

Final Words – Hopefully, reading this article today has satisfied your curiosity about YouTube Vlogging. So if you want to use vlogging as a means of saving memories for the future, start vlogging today. 

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