How A Dedicated Server Is Helpful For ERP Software?

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If you have a large business in this digital field you must know the importance of a dedicated server. It helps to boost your website performance to a super level. Whether you have one or multiple enterprise-level businesses and you are looking to host your website on a dedicated server you can try ERP [Enterprise Resource Planning]. Generally, ERP software is a business management software that helps companies gather, store, and location information from various businesses. In this rapidly growing digital industry, you need reliable and high-performing web hosting. In this article, I’ll explain to you the complete knowledge regarding a dedicated server along with ERP software.

Understanding Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server gives you a better experience in operating your large and high-traffic website. It will help you to maintain your site’s overall experiences, power, and security and also give access to speed bandwidth and server resources. It means a dedicated server gives you an overall uninterrupted service for your online presence. A dedicated server helps allow their user to maximize the type of customizations, configuration, installation, and overall flexibility for their website. Along with this, our dedicated server support team is always available to maintain and monitor your performance and they provide live chat support to our customers 24*7 in 365 days. 

How A Dedicated Server Is Helpful For ERP Software?

Key features of dedicated servers

Now we discuss the few key features of dedicated servers, Let’s start the detailed explanation – 

  • Server Management: Reliability and transparency is the key factor for a dedicated server. A dedicated server is maintained by a group of IT professionals and provides their best to boost your business on the internet.
  • Scalability: Any business entity or enterprise always wants to spread its business to wider audiences and generate more revenues. However, the smaller number of resources in shared and cloud hosting is for high traffic growth. A dedicated server will give you the full scalability like a WordPress server with a MYSQL database.
  • Security: Security is one of the main parts of any dedicated server and securing your web server protects from malware, bot traffic, DDoS attacks, and spam. A dedicated server will help you to prevent this type of online problem and provide full protection as security. 
  • Administrative Access: A dedicated server gives access to install, and configure any ERP software to meet the user’s business requirements and the user has full rights to use this administrative access which is provided by a dedicated server,
  • High Availability: A dedicated server provider implements ERP-level technology to secure your web server as well as possible. A dedicated server assures you outstanding uptimes as 99.9% guaranteed from SLAs. As a dedicated server user, you don’t worry about how the rest of the infrastructure hangs simultaneously, all the technical wizardry is managed and maintained by the service provider.
  • Control Panel Options: A wide range of feature-rich control panel options is very important to the user to maintain their site backend such as Plesk, cPanel, and WHM that allow easy access to you. In the control panel options, users can set up powerful spam filtering, manage business emails, manage databases, and other technical features like managing domains, and handling file management.
  • Top-Tier Technical Support: Technical support is very important for a user who uses a dedicated server. All the hosting providers offer their customer support through live chat, email support, customer care, tickets, etc at a certain time. But a dedicated server gives their customer 24*7 service for any kind of technical issues like troubleshooting, server setting issues, and many more. They also provide detailed articles on the topic of various technical issues and solutions.

Selecting The Right Location For A Dedicated Server To Optimize Performance

At this point, we will tell you about selecting the right location for dedicated server locations that optimize your site performance better. Now you know about the server from Asia that can give you powerful transformations for your business. Asia is one of the powerhouse in inventing new technology for the world, especially China and Japan are the main competitors in providing high quality and tech-rev inventions. 

You can also try a dedicated server in Japan that gives you high-performing instant deliveries and customizable services to users as per their business requirements. It offers a wide range of the latest and next-gen components and keeps your website. This server gives their user high bandwidth and maintains high traffic along with online security like anti-DDoS protection. Most of the ERP dedicated servers in Japan will give 100mbps to 40 Gbps speed to users for better performance and enhanced website speed.

How to Pick the Ideal Server Location for Your Site?

Most web hosting provides you with several options when it comes to data centers. It means you can select your server location as per your convenient target. Before choosing an ideal server location for your site, you must keep in mind some major points that are discussed below:

  1. You must use the server as per your targeted audiences, if your targeted audiences reside in the USA then you can select the USA base server. On the other hand, If your targeted audience is in China you can pick the China dedicated server to get optimal performance.
  2. See which data center is provided by your hosting company and most of the providers include this information on their site. you must look around it.
  3. There are a lot of companies that give you a detailed overview of popular web hosting plans but you must select the hosting as per your requirement. You can try a high data center location, if it is not useful for you then you can switch to another location or migrate your current data center to a high-performing data center and many of the dedicated servers are not getting any additional charges to migrate this data center location.


I hope you understand briefly how a dedicated server will help you to boost your online business and generate more income by the boost of your website’s optimal speed. So, always keep in mind before you pick your web hosting for your website and select the providers who are reliable, trustworthy and full of customer support. 

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