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Gautam Buddha Quotes – Gautam Buddha, the renowned spiritual leader and founder of Buddhism, has left a lasting impact on the world with his teachings. His profound insights and wisdom continue to inspire millions of people in their pursuit of enlightenment and inner peace. Through his memorable quotes, Gautam Buddha shared his invaluable guidance, which remains relevant and relatable even today. In this article, we will explore some of his famous quotes, unravel their deeper meanings, and understand how they can enrich our lives.

Gautam Buddha Quotes

  1. “The mind is everything. What you think, you become.”

This quote emphasizes the power of our thoughts and the significant role they play in shaping our lives. Gautam Buddha believed that our thoughts have the ability to mold our reality. By cultivating a positive and focused mindset, we can actively create the life we desire. This quote encourages us to be mindful of our thoughts, consciously choosing positivity and optimism over negativity.

  1. “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

Here, Gautam Buddha emphasizes the importance of living in the present. He advises against getting caught up in regrets of the past or anxieties about the future, as they only lead to suffering. True happiness and peace can be found by fully immersing ourselves in the present moment. By letting go of attachments to the past and future, we can experience and appreciate the richness of the here and now.

  1. “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

This quote highlights the inevitability and power of truth. Gautam Buddha believed that the truth can never remain concealed for long and will ultimately prevail. It encourages us to embrace honesty and integrity, striving for truth in all aspects of our lives. It reminds us that no matter how hard we try to hide the truth, it will always come to light.

  1. “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”

Gautam Buddha emphasizes the significance of finding inner peace and contentment. True peace, he believed, can only be discovered within ourselves and not through external possessions or achievements. This quote urges us to embark on an introspective journey, practicing mindfulness and self-reflection. By doing so, we can cultivate a sense of tranquility and serenity that remains unwavering despite external circumstances.

  1. “Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are. It solely relies on what you think.”

This quote highlights the connection between our thoughts and our happiness. Gautam Buddha believed that true happiness does not depend on external factors such as wealth or social status. Instead, it is rooted in our perceptions and attitudes toward life. This quote serves as a reminder that happiness is a choice we can make, irrespective of our circumstances. By nurturing positive and compassionate thoughts, we can find lasting happiness and contentment.

  1. “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

This quote emphasizes the importance of compassion and generosity. Gautam Buddha believed that by sharing our happiness and spreading kindness to others, we do not diminish our own happiness, but rather increase it. It encourages us to develop a sense of interconnectedness and extend a helping hand to others in their pursuit of happiness and fulfillment.


In conclusion, Gautam Buddha’s quotes offer timeless wisdom and guidance for leading a meaningful and fulfilled life. His teachings on mindfulness, inner peace, and compassion continue to inspire and resonate with people from all walks of life. By reflecting on his profound insights and integrating them into our daily lives, we can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

FAQ On Gautam Buddha Quotes

What is Buddha’s Mantra?

The powerful & effective Lord Buddha’s mantra is “om maṇi padme hūṃ

Can a Buddhist have a girlfriend?

No. Buddha said to his devotee that always keep a distance from any type of physical & mental attachment with a partner.

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गौतम बुद्ध के ये 8 वचन बदल देंगे आपका ज़िन्दगी
गौतम बुद्ध के ये 8 वचन बदल देंगे आपका ज़िन्दगी