Discover Your Birthstones By Month: The Ultimate Guide to Birthstones

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Birthstones By Month are linked to every month of the year. According to astrology, birthstones have various benefits and significance for a person’s birth month. In this post, I’ll tell you the complete list of birthstones by month and their benefits. So, read this birthstone by month post carefully and match it with your birth month.

Birthstones By Month

Birthstones By Month List

Month Name Birthstones
January BirthstoneGarnet | Rose Quartz
February BirthstoneAmethyst | Jasper | Red Garnet | Jade | Serpentine 
March BirthstoneAquamarine | Bloodstone
April BirthstoneDiamond | White Topaz | Clear Quartz
May BirthstoneEmerald | Agate
June BirthstonePearl | Alexandrite | Moonstone
July BirthstoneRuby | Onyx
August BirthstonePeridot & Sardonyx, Spinel
September BirthstoneSapphire
October BirthstoneOpal and Tourmaline
November BirthstoneTopaz and Citrine
December BirthstoneTurquoise and Zircon

Frequently Asked Questions On Birthstones By Month

What Are The Two Birthstones For January?

The two birthstones for January are Garnet and Rose Quartz.

What Are The Top 3 Birthstones For February?

The 3 birthstones for February are Amethyst, Jasper, and Red Garnet.

What Are The 2 Birthstones For March?

The 2 birthstones for March are Aquamarine and Bloodstone.

What Is The April Birthstone?

The April birthstone is a Diamond.

What Are The 2 Birthstones For May?

The 2 birthstones for May are Emerald and blue topaz and zircon.

What Is The Original Birthstone For June?

The original birthstone for June is Pearl.

Are The Two Birthstones For July?

Yes. July has two birthstones that are Ruby & Onyx.

What Is The Rarest August Birthstone?

The rarest August birthstone is Peridot.

What Is The Original Birthstone For September?

The original birthstone for September is Sapphire.

What Are The Two Birthstones For October?

The two birthstones for October are Opal and Tourmaline.

What Is The Lucky Stone for November?

The lucky stones for November are Topaz or Citrine.

What Are December Two Birthstones?

The two birthstones of December are Blue Topaz and Zircon.

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